About Us

Hi, my name is NateĀ and currently my wife Atalie, and newly adopted dog, Kaua’i are traveling the United States in our 2013 Toyota 4Runner. We are spending many nights in our trusty REI Base Camp 6 Tent, at places we find on AirBnB, with friends, coworkers, and family.

We believe that in a time when there is so much happening globally and domestically, that our intentions are best spent focusing on the positive and enjoying what mother earth has created for us. We’re refusing to be swept in by all the negativity that’s taking place in the world, but instead focusing our energy on creating memories, spending time with family, making new friends, and traveling.

We took off on our journey on June 1st, 2016 spending a month in Hawaii. As soon as we came back at the end of June, we spent the first week in July preparing for our ultimate road trip. This trip is expected to last at least 3 months, but all things granted, we will continue it as long as we are able to.

redwood state and national park.jpg

Our trip will focus heavily on visiting National Parks, spending nights in cute little towns, and exploring the great outdoors.

We’ve packed our bikes and have them stored on our Yakima SwingDaddy, and have things packed above in our Skybox LoPro also by Yakima.

So please, follow along with us as we seek out the things that matter the most in life. Life truly is too precious to waste away on negativity, and on things out of our control. We may only be 2 people (plus a dog) but we’re making an impact in our own world, and we’d love for you to join us.

Contact us at navigatewithnate@gmail.com to connect. We love talking story, exchanging travel stories, and would even love to share the process and preparation we went through to make this all happen.


Nate, Atalie, & Kaua’i


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